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Poken people to share your business card

March 20, 2014

Poken is an instant ice breaker and a conversation starter that improves your networking experience by letting you share a richer snapshot of who you are in a very simple and fun way.
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What does an effective EVP look like?

March 19, 2014

We started 2014 with a lively topic for our February forum, which posed the question ‘What does an effective employee volunteering programme (EVP) look like?’ Here, you'll find a summary feedback of all three sessions combined into one.
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CSI in SA: 2013 research results presentation

December 5, 2013

The results of Trialogue’s annual research into the sector were presented at the launch of the 16th edition of The CSI Handbook in Johannesburg on 4 December 2013. Download the launch presentation here.
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Evidence-based investment decisions

November 29, 2013

How can practitioners use research, evidence and existing data better in planning and implementing development projects?

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New legislation and government requirements, changes in funding patterns, fresh perspectives in research, piloting of new models... things are constantly shifting in the complex world of CSI and development. Here is where you find the latest news that affects your field.

CSI insights

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Working in development means constantly growing through learning. By sharing our successes and failures in a community of practice we improve our responses to development issues. In this section of CSImatters find opinion, analysis and research from experienced CSI and development practitioners on your areas of interest.